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About simon lichtenberg

In 1993, Simon Lichtenberg ( a business owner and a native of Denmark, launched his own company, having been in the timber industry the year before. Having been a part of the timber business previously, Simon entered into the furniture market. Difficulties are to be found all over the business world; success is assured by surmounting them. Producing yearly profits of up to $2.5 million, thanks to the acquisition of direct clients (such as IKEA) from around the world, Simon Lichtenberg’s business went international.

Simon Lichtenberg's Difficulties and Success

A complicated legal case related to the manufacture of spurious 'BoConcept' products was a challenge that Simon Lichtenberg had to overcome in the late 90's. All businesses experience ups and downs which, according to how they are handled, can lead to either triumph or failure. An additional challenge was when Simon Lichtenberg received unsatisfactory products from the Zhenjing Leather Factory, eventually leading to him not winning a court case over a fair payment dispute.

Some of the Remarkable Years from Simon Lichtenberg’s Life

Multilingualism is an advantage for a businessman like Simon Lichtenberg, who is frequently concerned with intercontinental negotiations. He entered the timber trade upon the completion of his education in 1992. When looking back through the years, the vast majority of business owners find their greatest accomplishments are their fondest memories. Fudan University in Shanghai, China is where Simon Lichtenberg was awarded his diploma in Chinese language in 1988.

Simon Lichtenberg's Trayton Group

Many outstanding things have been achieved by Trayton Group - an organisation founded by Simon Lichtenberg. Just a couple of examples include the initiation of the Trayton Foundation, which helped in the fitting of rooftop solar panels and lighting the streets of Shanghai in 2012. Business-minded individuals often initiate their own company that they can pour their passion, hard work and dedication into; this is truly one of their finest achievements. Simon Lichtenberg launched his company (Trayton Group) in '95.

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