Monika Bacardi |

Monika Bacardi |

Monika Bacardi (site internet - Monika Bacardi) is viewed as one of the most influential businesswomen in the Arts world. Being fluent in Italian, English, German, French and Spanish is undoubtedly of considerable advantage to her. In the year 2005, her husband died. He had managed the Bacardi business for forty years. Subsequently, she has proved to have an impressive entrepreneurial genius. Monika Bacardi spends much of her time in the USA and different parts of Europe, although she lives in Monaco, where she is quite famous and has a high profile.

Monika Bacardi is a citizen of Monaco these days; she has been a resident there for more than twenty years. Due to her desire to help others, she takes part in many charities and non-profit organisations. Monika Bacardi's participation in the arts sector was furthered after she became part-owner of 'PHOTO' Magazine in the year 2014.

Monika Bacardi and Charity

The Principality’s cultural and charitable movements are things in which Monika Bacardi is actively engaged. Gabrielle's Angel Foundation for Cancer Research is a cancer-related charitable organisation that Monika Bacardi is very supportive of, as well as Fondation AVEC and Ecoute Cancer Réconfort. Assisting a number of local charitable entities, she helps in raising funding to support causes regarding social issues that are of special interest to her.

Seventh Art and Art - Monika Bacardi's Passions

Monika Bacardi is keen about photography and modern art, taking pleasure in the different masterpieces of many celebrated photographers and artists. In order to establish artistic partnerships in Monaco, she participates in the Monaco Project for the Arts, an organisation that supports the University of Plastic Arts. "The Seventh Art" (Cinema) is one of her loves. This, along with wanting to motivate young filmmakers, is one of the justifications for her having created AMBI Pictures. Film is a medium that offers the opportunity to convey diverse messages to a wide variety of audiences: this is the conviction of Monika Bacardi. She holds the opinion that film can transform the world.

Monika & the SAS Prince Albert II of Monaco's Foundation

Through the foundation, Monika Bacardi raises consciousness of the effects of people's pursuits on the natural planet. Being deeply engaged in the Principality of Monaco's cultural and humanitarian concerns, Lady Bacardi is an avid supporter of the H.S.H. Prince Albert II Foundation. Monika has been involved in many different undertakings alongside the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. Monika Bacardi's humanitarian concerns are many, but a specific area in which she is involved is ecological-longevity.

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