Monika Bacardi (@ladymonikabacardi) • Instagram photos and videos

Monika Bacardi (@ladymonikabacardi) • Instagram photos and videos

Monika Bacardi's Professional Activities

Co-founder/owner and producer of the AMBI Group, Monika Bacardi aims to create funding for, produce and deliver films to an international market. A number of years ago Lady Bacardi bought the celebrated 'PHOTO' magazine, which has been publishing since the late 60's. Her 'PHOTO' brand for photographers and artists is something around which Monika Bacardi endeavors to cultivate services, providing career management while also making contacts with foreign buyers. To be a central provider of popular films for studios and major distributors around the world is the goal of the AMBI Group.

The H.S.H. Prince Albert II Foundation works to take care of the natural environment and to publicise maintainable advancement all over the world. The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation is something for which (and alongside with) Monika Bacardi has participated in a variety of undertakings. Ecological-durability is one of the many humanitarian concerns in which Monika Bacardi is involved.

Personal Life

Lord Luis Bacardi (Lord of Bayfield Hall) was a relative of the founder of the Bacardi Company. He and Monika Bacardi married and had a lovely daughter together. In many areas of her life, Lady Bacardi likes to state her profound awareness of social and ecological considerations. Due to the fact that she likes it so much, work plays a big part in Monika Bacardi's private life.

Monika Bacardi's Passions: Art and 7th Art

Monika Bacardi enjoys the varied works of many photographers and artists, which explains her enthusiasm for contemporary art and photography. Film is a medium that can offer the opportunity to convey a wide variety of messages to various audiences: this is the conviction of Monika Bacardi. She is very much convinced that film can change the world. One reason she created AMBI Pictures is that she wanted to encourage young filmmakers, due to her strong interest in "The Seventh Art" (Cinema). AMBI Pictures is operated with the purpose of producing films for a global audience, helping to encourage the art globally.

Monika Bacardi's philanthropic passions are driven by her lifelong consideration for humanity. A wide variety of community charity entities, that support causes regarding social issues of special interest to her, reap benefits from her assistance. Educational help for children who are in need is proffered by Mission Enfance. Monika Bacardi passionately believes in this charitable organisation.

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