How to be successfull in Mobile Game Development ? Discover the story of a french entrepreneur

How to be successfull in Mobile Game Development ? Discover the story of a french entrepreneur

From an early age, he discovered what he would do for the rest of his life. If most people do not discover their vocation as being a teenager or even an adult, at only six years old our genius found the trigger. It appeared to him while he was playing Pong, a well-known game of that time.

This game acted as a trigger and allowed him to build a career in the world of video games and digital. Having become a reference in the field, he is now a model or even a legend in the French digital world.

A passion fueled by determination

Determined to succeed in the world of video games, at age 14 only, he created his first video game alone. Named Tank, this game was designed with the available archaic means of the time, namely the Sharp PC-1211 and ZW81 machines.

Despite this, the game was very successful and was even impressive given the means at his disposal to create it. Entertaining and easy to play, this first small success would just be the start. Aside from video games, the passion for digital has also begun to sprout at home.

Spotting very quickly for his skills but especially for the determination that drives him, he quickly plunged into the big leagues. And later, develop your own business. With Eurocenter, he managed to combine his passion and innovate. A full entrepreneur, he has succeeded in a few years what many do not succeed all their lifetime.

A unique CV reflecting his know-how 

Before getting to where he is today in the digital world, he has also worked in a number of digital companies, holding key positions. Not only is his resume a consistent one but he also acquired a lot of skills through his achievements for each of those digital firms he has administered. Among them, we can mention:

  •  Linux
  •  Neogeo
  •  Inmob

The founder of GraalOnline

Still today, this game is a reference in terms of mobile game, especially for connoisseurs. Launched in 1998, the game GraalOnline quickly became popular, a success that is undoubtedly due to the fact that the game is one of the first multiplayer opus of the time. 

With this successful launch, Stephane Portha also developed Eurocenter to become Eurocenter Games. And at the time, Eurocenter Game worked very closely with the giant Apple for the implementation of the first mobile games on Appstore. 

And finally all this resulted in a dazzling success of his company. Later, he would go even further by upgrading the GraalOnline game and adapting it to new modern platforms and adding new features. Stéphane Portha has also created new versions of the game including:

  •  GraalOnline classical +, the medial kingdom building game;
  •  GraalOnline Zone +, the interplanetary exploration game where stars, planets and moons intertwine;
  •  Era +; the gang and war game of urban clan. His games sold with at least 8 million copies worldwide.


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